Monday, July 19, 2010

AEON Yamato Shopping centre

AEONMALL Yamato is positioned in Kanagawa Prefecture, within the superior Tokyo metropolitan area. The possessions is near numerous major roads and highways that fetch in important customer traffic, and is also well served by two railways and three stations, with transfer buses to the assets every 10 minutes from Tsuruma Station and Yamato Station.

AEONMALL Yamato is anchored by AEON Mall, which subleases the property to 80 specialty stores. Ito-Yokado operates Ito-Yokado Tsuruma, a general merchandise hoard adjacent to AEONMALL Yamato. Although Ito-Yokado Tsuruma competes with AEONMALL Yamato, we deem the occurrence of both retail complexes increases overall customer traffic for each property.

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