Monday, July 12, 2010

Diet & Nutrition : fatty

Food is one of the basic human requirements. To live without it is impracticable. But we all eat to live and not live to eat. Therefore, it is very necessary to eat the right food. If a unprejudiced diet is consumed always then it provide the human body with all the indispensable nutrients compulsory to be healthy, and thus, saves you from various health hazards.

Some factors of diet: Avoid eating stale food even if it has been well conserved in the refrigerator, as it could be overloaded with germs. Vitamin C is good for the bones, skin, and blood. So, remember to eat a citrus fruit everyday. Cooking in oil that is high in its polyunsaturated fatty acid content is optional as it protects the heart and keeps you healthy.

Iron insufficiency is the commonest but not the only cause of anemia. Therefore, if you are anemic, consult a doctor for the diagnosis.
Keep the head-end of your bed raised when you sleep to avoid acid reflux and even the chances of developing a hiatus hernia. Rather have smaller meals at regular intervals rather than large meals infrequently as this can prevent wide blood sugar fluctuations.

Do not bend or lie down instantaneously after your meals. This could trigger an acid-peptic disease. Too little calories can slow down the body’s metabolism, thereby diminishing the absorption of vitamins and indispensable nutrients too.

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