Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dean Graziosi Creates New Breed of Real Estate Entrepreneurs

The collapse of the real estate market is creating a new way of thinking for real estate entrepreneurs across the United States. The money is no longer going to "real estate investors." It's going to a new breed of entrepreneurs called- "real estate marketers."

Many entrepreneurs are learning this new investment strategy from books written by real estate investor, Dean Graziosi, or from "Dean's Real Estate Success Academy." The new class of entrepreneurs are practicing a simple approach in an industry that was once extremely complex.

The latest property statistics show that roughly 30 percent of all real estate sales involve cash deals. Many of these new real estate investors are professionals, like dentists, lawyers and working mothers who no longer want to invest in the stock market. "Real Estate Marketers" are helping these cash buyers find the best properties at the best prices in cities across America, and profiting along the way.

Carol Stinson enrolled in "Dean's Real Estate Success Academy" two years ago after her husband's business began failing. At the time, her family was close to losing their home to foreclosure. Since then, Carol has rehabbed two properties and closed on 22 deals. She's expected to close on four properties in October 2010, earning more than $100,000 in only two years.

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