Monday, September 6, 2010

How spas promote sleep health programs

IN OUR fast-paced world, we try to squeeze in too much in a day that we lose sight of the importance of getting enough sleep. Healthy sleep is just as important as good nutrition and exercise
that is essential to our well-being for optimal daily performance both mentally and physically.

Lack of sleep is a major health concern, it can adversely affect the brain and cognitive function. Other effects of sleep deprivation include migraines, chronic pains and the obvious tie-in to obesity as chronic sleepiness makes rigorous physical activities unlikely. Not to mention being cranky and irritable.

We all assume that sleeping just comes naturally. Not so for many.

According to the survey published by Spa Finder: 80 percent of the people surveyed have trouble sleeping; Only 20 percent said they get eight hours of sleep; 27 percent, six hours or less; and 12 percent, five hours or less.

It is disturbing to note that 52 percent of the respondents even use prescribed and/or over-the-counter sleeping pills.

When asked to name the primary reason for their sleep problems, the largest bloc of respondents cited stress. Among other reasons are poor sleep habits and busy schedule.

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