Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lose Weight with The Doctors Count-by-Fives Fitness Plan

Eat 5 meals a day

Research has shown that you increase your metabollism when you you eat 5 small meals a day, about every 2 to 3 hours, to keep your metabolism burning. It is important to control your portion size on these meals, a rule of thumb is that the entree is the size of your fist. When you control what goes into your body, you can control how you look and feel. Paired with exercise, you'll be fitting into your skinny jeans in no time and more importantly, feeling great.

10 Minutes of Warm Up

Cold muscles are more susceptible to injury and strain. Ten minutes of warm up and stretching can prepare your muscles for the workout.

15 Reps with Weights

If your goal is better muscle tone and more lean muscle tissue, you want to do around 15 reps of each exercise. Adjust your weights accordingly so that you can complete 15 reps without straining.

20 Minutes of Cardio

For many of us this is the hardest component of fitness, cardio is often boring and repetitive. However, this is where the rewards come in later and is a very effective way to burn calories and improve your health. According to the fitness trainer Nik Herold, alternating between high-intensity workouts and moderate levels will jump start metabolism and push muscles while offering recovery which will ensure maximum results. The interval cardio presented on The Doctors showed 1 minute of intense cardio and then backing off for 2 minutes at a more moderate pace... continuing the process for a total of 20 minutes.

“Twenty minutes of [high-intensity] interval cardio training is nine times more effective at burning fat than if you did an hour of cardio training,” Nik says.

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