Thursday, December 2, 2010

Employer Insurance Costs Rising for Workers

Although premiums for employer health insurance have risen 41 percent since 2003, latest research says that employees are getting less bang for their buck.

In addition, individual deductibles have skyrocketed 77 percent, according to the statement from The Commonwealth Fund.

"Health insurance has become increasingly unaffordable for families during the years before enactment of the Affordable Care Act," Commonwealth Fund President Karen Davis told during a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

"During that time, benefits were scaled back as employers and employees struggled to keep up in a difficult economy," she said. "The new law provides us with the opportunity to reverse these unsustainable raises and ensure that families in every state have access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance."

The report says that if expenses continue to rise at the same pace as they did from 2003 to 2009, annual premiums shared by employers and employees would increase 79 percent, costing an average family $23,342 by 2020.

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