Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Practical health instructions

To help prevent breast cancer, eat guyabano (soursop) or drink tea made from its bark. Another natural killer of cancer cells is curcumin, a byproduct of turmeric that can be extracted from yellow ginger. This was locally discovered by a father-and-son team of chemists, who first commercially produced it abroad before introducing it here as “picur,” or curcumin with pepper.
Intense pain
Reflexology can treat a lot of medical problems. A friend endured constant and intense pain from fibromyalgia, which rendered her bedridden. She was in so much pain that her lips and nails would turn black! She spent so much on different kinds of treatments and took pain killers for years.
My friend also has breast cancer, which was diagnosed last year. But, she doesn’t like going to hospitals and refuses traditional and conventional treatment. She’s at an age when all her organs are already weak—heart, liver and kidney—and she suffers from high blood pressure and arrythmia. All these conditions have been addressed, and she’s now stronger and better. Happily, the cancer hasn’t progressed.

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