Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be a healthy bride on your wedding day

Planning and preparing for the perfect wedding can tax even the toughest bride-to-be, but it's important not to lose sight of physical and emotional well-being, experts say.

Instead of thinking about our health, “we're often fixated on either a number on a scale or how we're going to look in a dress,” said Ashley Koff, a registered dietitian from The CW reality show “Shedding for the Wedding.”

Koff recommends keeping the body well-fueled — eating roughly every three hours — instead of depriving yourself and becoming tired and cranky.

Cutting some calories is OK, but leave in some carbohydrates, some protein, some healthy fat and plenty of vegetables, Koff said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. She'll appear this summer in Lifetime's “Love Handles,” a reality weight-loss show for couples.

Every eating occasion need not be a full meal, Koff said. In between, the bride-to-be might have a healthy smoothie or a bowl of puréed tomato soup or a small latte with a handful of nuts, she said.

Think about “what's available and how do I make the best quality choice and what does my body need?”

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