Friday, April 8, 2011

Healthy living secret of the century: Eat less

Healthy Living
A big barrier to better health (and based on current obesity statistics 66 percent of us have it) is we are carrying too much weight. The effects of that extra weight reverberate throughout our body. Fat is not some dormant blob of goo just hanging out. It is participatory hormonally (with all its domino effects), impacts the health of our joints, can restrict range of motion, and can contribute to depression (body image, neurochemicals, etc.). That fat doesn't just keep you out of your skinny jeans. It deteriorates your health and quality of your life.

Losing excess weight should be at the top of our health lists, not weird fitness-gadgets or insane workout regimens. The best way to do it is to, yes, eat less. Do not fear starvation mode. Do not fear wrong food this or right food that. Don't complicate it by overanalyzing six small meals or three big ones. Just eat less. We can have a lengthier discussion another time on how much less, but for now just strive for less than your current intake. Less!

Make dinner and eat half of it. Order a muffin, pull part of it off and chunk the rest. Latte? Pour some out. Get a handful of chips and put the bag back. Candy bar? Split if with a friend. That's it. Less!

No time to get healthy? I'm saving you time. You will spend less time chewing.

No money to get healthy? I'm saving you money. You will spend less money on food.

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