Friday, May 27, 2011

10 ways to avoid hay fever

Hay Fever
1 Stay indoors when the pollen count is reported as being high or when it is very humid.

2 Avoid mowing the grass if at all possible and stay indoors when the grass is being cut.

3 Keep windows closed during high pollen season. If you have air conditioning in your car, office or home, use it as it cleans the air as well as well as cools it.

4 If you are allergic to pollen, dry your clothes indoors during the pollen season.

5 Shower and wash your hair daily once you come indoors.

6 Wear wraparound sunglasses to avoid pollen exposure to eyes.

7 Pollen season can vary each year depending on the weather conditions, but is usually at its peak in mid-June. If you are very sensitive to pollen, it's worth planning your holiday for this time.

8 Exam time usually coincides with pollen season, so if you suffer from symptoms ensure you are on the right treatment that will control your symptoms with minimal side effects during this period.

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