Friday, June 24, 2011

Google’s “Me On The Web” A Vital Addition To Personal Online Reputation Management Efforts

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Building up a good, solid reputation takes years, if not a lifetime, of hard work and dedication, yet one wrong move on today’s social media channels can spell disaster for aspiring individuals. Google, in response to the growing need for online reputation management, has set up a tool that will help individuals monitor their own identity on the web – an excellent starting point on the way to carefully managing one’s online presence, believes CEO of, James Schramko.

“As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure” Schramko eagerly explains “people taking the initiative to control what is being published about them are the most likely beneficiaries of this tool.”

Individuals conscious about what they post online realize that sometimes being careful just doesn’t cut it. The tagging of photos, videos and blog posts by other people, for example, are some of the factors one has little control over.

Me On The Web, which is based on the existing “Google Alerts” technology, allows individuals to receive alerts about themselves on a daily or weekly basis. It shows where the user has been tagged, whether in blog posts, photos, or on videos.

“Aside from carefully choosing what you post online, you can always talk to your friends if you believe you have been tagged in an inappropriate photo, video or blog post. If the person that has tagged you is not your friend, you may advise them to take down the material. The tool is very handy when comes to informing you of the source, that way you can take legal action when necessary.” – James Schramko.

James further explains that proper reputation management always starts with the individual because cleaning up the aftermath of a media disaster is always more complicated than preventing it from happening. Me On The Web can greatly help in monitoring a person’s online identity, and when things go wrong, firms like James Schramko’s Repuation Management Authority can help.

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