Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 9 Best New Health Products For Women

womens health products

It's fine to think the Michael Kors crepe wedge boots and Hogan shearling shoulder bag will instantly change your life. But to really change it — and maybe even save it — you have to focus on the products that will dress up the inside of your body. So we searched the aisles, talked to doctors, and treated our bodies like a 10th grade biology project — to come up with the nine new health products that are absolutely worth trying on for size.

1 | To Fall Asleep Faster...

When you're lying awake bug-eyed, you can either make shadow puppets on your closet door or pop a sleeping pill and risk feeling groggy the next day. Or you can try the Zzone Sleep Solution: a 60-minute CD of not-too-New-Agey instrumental music to use at bedtime (or if you awaken in the middle of the night) to encourage your body's natural relaxation response. The sciencey stuff? Zzone's tunes reduce beta waves (present when we're alert or agitated) and stimulate theta waves (present during meditation or when we're falling asleep). Yes, it sounds bogus, but the occasional insomniacs we polled fell asleep an average of 15 minutes faster while listening to the music to combat stress-related sleeplessness. $25, includes two additional CDs for stress relief and relaxation plus a guidebook, Better Sleep; available at bookstores

2 | To Protect Your Teeth...

Barry Manilow tunes have little soothing effect when a dental hygienist manhandles your gums with floss. You'll spend less time thrashing and decrease your risk of developing gingivitis or cavities if you make the Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9000 Series part of your daily routine. The rechargeable toothbrush signals you when to change position (move on to the back teeth!), stays on for 2 minutes (the recommended brushing time), and alerts you when the removable head needs changing so you won't brush with worn-out bristles. Pricey, yes, but studies have shown that rotating brush heads reduce plaque by 11 percent over manual toothbrushes and cut back on signs of gingi-vitis by nearly 20 percent. $140, includes two brush heads, travel case, charger, and base station; Oral-B.

3 | To Enjoy Your Calcium...

Chocolate calcium supplements have bombed big time thanks to their rubbery texture. But Healthy Indulgence's marble-sized chocolate balls actually taste Wonka-worthy (think Hershey's Kiss). They have just 25 calories each — same as a Kiss — and contain 500 milligrams of calcium (take two a day) plus 200 IUs of vitamin D, which enhances calcium absorption

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