Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tooth and Teeth Disease

The History and Causes of Tooth and Teeth Disease:

Essentially, the definition of tooth and teeth disease is anything which causes teeth to be malformed or suffer increasing damage in some way, over a period of time. So tooth and teeth diseases can be caused by genes or the environment. The key to the definition is that it is a process that occurs over time.

Tooth and teeth disease has been around since ancient times. From autopsies of Egyptian mummies, we know that some of the ancient Egyptians died agonizing slow deaths because of uncontrolled tooth disease / decay. Some mummies had all their teeth and jaws infected by tooth disease.

In the 1700's and 1800's we know from published cartoons that toothache was around and was treated often by blacksmiths and, often in public, even on public stages in front of large audiences.

In the late 1800's early 1900's, America was known as having the highest rates of tooth and teeth disease anywhere in the world. The cause of the high rate of tooth and teeth disease was attributed to the highly refined foods that Americans were eating.

The refined foods introduced higher concentrations of substances into the food supply, especially acidic types, which eat away / erode the tooth enamel.

It is clear, that even in the 1800's, the importance of diet in causing tooth and teeth diseases was well known.

This knowledge of tooth and teeth diseases continues to be verified to this day. When soft drinks became widely available, tooth disease increased quite markedly. Soft drink contains both sugar and acid which can quickly breakthrough the enamel of teeth, via causing plaque and acid erosion, allowing disease to enter the teeth.

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