Monday, October 3, 2011

Female Hair Loss- a Real Fear

Hair Loss
Whole hair loss has never been the outcome of women’s hair loss like others (men). Women suffer from partial Hair loss but still it is a distressing factor for the female who suffers from it since hair forms a very vital part of beauty.

There can be dissimilar causes for women’s hair loss. Inheritance can be one of them. The treatment that women have to undergo to treat hair loss is different from what men have to undergo. Women can’t just use any product available in the market, they have to careful while using the products since there can be hair growth in other parts of the body as a result of medications. And it is a very irritating factor for women if they have hair growth on face, body or back.

It is very necessary for women to discuss with a medical practitioner so that the doctor may find out the exact causes of hair loss. After the cause of hair loss is determined the physician will be able to prescribe the correct medicine or treatment for her hair loss. Estrogen is often prescribed by the doctors to the women in order to correct their condition.

Glucocorticoids can be used to treat women’s hair loss. Topical application of Minoxodil or Anthralin is recommended treatment available for women’s hair loss. Women can receive good responses of the medicines in preventing hair loss if they are treated from an initial stage for the condition. Therefore it is advisable that you see a doctor when you start losing hair excessively.
Androgenic alopecia is an important condition and about 2% of the population is its victim. Under this condition one loses all the hair of the body and women suffering from this cannot be cured easily. However with the help of doctor’s prescription you can always reduce the symptoms.
Women often suffer from hair loss after giving birth to a child. It is a temporary hair loss and hair loss usually stops after 6 months of giving birth to the child.

The reason for hair loss after pregnancy is due to the presence of higher estrogen level during pregnancy which further affects the hair follicles in the growth phase. There is a sudden removal of estrogen right after the child birth and this allows the hair to enter in to the hair loss phase. But there is nothing to worry, hair will definitely re grow after 6 months and you can always use hair tonic to speed up the hair growth.

Physical and mental stress can be an important cause of hair fall. Improper life style and eating habits will definitely lead to weight loss and hair loss. One the stress is removed you will notice that the hair loss reduces too.

When women use chemical often when dyeing, or perming they may cause hair loss. Use of these chemicals break the hairs. The products for hair falling treatments are applied when the hair follicles are strengthened in scalp.
You can choose the right treatment for your hair loss only after you know the root cause of your hair fall. It is always recommended that women must consult a dermatologist for a complete check up before the problem of hair loss turns in to a serious problem.

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