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Useful Tips to Control Blood Sugar Level

Blood Sugar Level
Blood sugar level is the concentration of sugar in blood, which is present on the form of glucose.

Whenever you eat food, it is the task of the body to break down that food in usable form of energy. The carbohydrates present in the food get broken down into glucose which are then made available to the body cells through the blood stream and thus provide energy. The increase in this level of glucose in blood leads to a disease known as diabetes.
Blood sugar levels can be managed in the following ways:

1. Sugar intake must be checked. Avoid food high in sugar content. Product labels must be checked before buying for their constituents.
2. Diet must consist of fibers. Foods like nuts, olive oil contain monosaturated fats and must be regularly taken. Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended. Avoid food that contains high Trans fatty acids and fat dairy products.

3. Exercise regularly. It helps in breaking down the sugars present in the body. Another useful mean of controlling blood sugar level is by losing weight through exercises.

4. Keep a tab on your cholesterol level. This is another factor that should be taken care of along with blood sugar level.

5. Alcohol intake must be reduced. Alcohol contains high amount of calories and carbohydrates that can shoot up the blood sugar level.
6. Multivitamins and supplements can be taken. Vitamin C, E, Zinc and magnesium are very good for diabetic people.
7. Stress and anxiety must be avoided. Relaxation exercises and deep breathing are great in reducing stress.
8. Keep a regular check on your blood sugar level. Get it tested periodically and maintain a record of the changes in its level.

Blood Sugar Test Normal Range
A1C < 7.0%
Preprandial Plasma Glucose (before a meal) 70 - 130 mg/dl (5.0 - 7.2mmol/l)
Postprandial Plasma Glucose (after a meal) < 180 mg/dl (< 10.0mmol/l)

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