Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back Pain aerobics

Three Simple aerobics to Reduce or get rid of Back Pain

These sets of movements include hip rolls, waist twists and knee bends. These 3 aerobics alone will get your blood flowing again, gun down some much needed endorphins into the body and give your body a chance to detoxify and rid it of all the free radicals and harmful particles that can build up inside us all, leaving your back in pretty good shape and the pain at bay.
Knee Bends
The first work out, knee bends, are to be done in a relaxed and kind manner. If your body suffers from knee or back trouble then you’ll want to get the help of any steady furniture, such as a desk, table or chair.

Knee Bends
To begin, stand with your legs shoulder-wide and keep relaxed. If you are using furniture for support get your hands on that furniture. Get your stomach muscles tight and blow your breath out evenly as you goes downward, bending at the knees.
You will want to go as far down as you can before you feel yourself starting to strain or tip over. As you come back up into a standing position again, take in another breath. Your set will consist of ten knee bends, after which you can move right in to the next exercise.
Waist Twist
The waist twist should come next. How this works is you keep your hands at your side, nice and tranquil, with your feet once again at shoulder-wide distance.

Waist Twist
You start this exercise just by swinging your arms, first right then left. The object is to move your hand around to lightly tap your lower back, right hand patting the left and so on. Your kidneys will benefit from this light tapping.
Remember, though, not to get too out of control with your swinging or your hand patting. This is all supposed to be very relaxed and even. Your breathing should come in and out in a natural manner, and also be relaxed. Do this for a count of ten, then relax your body once more.
Hip Rolls
Finally its hip rolling exercises. For this, you won’t need furniture to support or equilibrium you, but you will start once more with your legs at shoulder width.

Hip Rolls
Once again, tighten your abdomen muscles, and place your hands on your hips. Then you will reverse direction for another five rotations.
While doing this imaginary hula dancing, remember to have a smile on your lips and to breathe in a natural rhythm.
You can see that these exercises are so easy to do, that it takes just a couple of minutes a set, so there are no excuses to performing these same three sets at least three times every day. Better yet, instead of going out for a smoke break, or a coffee break, why don’t you take an exercise break instead?

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