Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun Facts About the Human Body

·         The heart is the strongest muscle in the body.
·         The largest muscle in your body is located in your rear end.
·         The human neck has the same number of vertebrae as a giraffe’s neck.
·         There are 22 bones in the human skull.
·         The human skull is 80% water.
·         The average human head weighs about 8 pounds.
·         Your heart is just a bit bigger than your fist.
·         The heart pumps 36,000 gallons of blood a day.
·         The smallest bone in the body is in your ear.
·         The femur (thigh bone) is the biggest bone in the body.  
·         Your nose and ears never stop growing.
Women blink nearly twice as much as men.       

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