Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Health and fitness briefs: Healthful recipes for Lent

To help make the notion of giving up favorite foods during Lent easier, the Church Health Center in Memphis has created a daily devotion called Seasoning Lent, which will offer a healthful recipe for each day of the 40-day season.
"Traditionally, Lent is a time of spiritual discipline, when people give up various foods as a time of sacrifice," said Rachel Thompson, editor of the Church Health Reader (chreader.org), where Seasoning Lent recipes will be found throughout Lent.
"Some traditions instead choose to take up a virtue or a practice, like a community service. We thought this would be a great way to incorporate both traditions. Through Seasoning Lent, we are inviting people to give up unhealthy foods and take up the practice of cooking."
Each day, Seasoning Lent will provide a different recipe from the CHC Nutrition Kitchen created by the on-staff nutritionists. "These recipes are taken straight from the kitchen at CHC Wellness, which offers daily classes on food preparation and cooking for the thousands of patients and clients we serve," Thompson said. "They are healthy yet economical and easy to prepare, and they will all fit a weekly theme inspired by the season of Lent.
"Each Friday's recipe will be vegetarian. As a way of preparing for the week, each Sunday will feature a devotional on a Lenten scripture text, as well as a weekly shopping list."

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