Tuesday, June 14, 2011

how to reduce tension and bad temper

Tension and Temper
You may sometimes face situations when you feel that you are nothing, or some other times you may feel like the responses to your actions were not, in a way, up to your expectations, leaving you more confused and enraged at the same time. Your blood pressure may eventually increase in the course of this helpness and anger.

What I said may sound silly but it is a very serious problem indeed. It is true that "Laughter is the best medicine" but it may sound too rude of me if I advice you to laugh when you are tensed or not in good humor. Instead, i shall tell you some other tips to control your emotions

Link1) Try some breathing exercises:-If you are annoyed at someone, take care not to show your bad temper to that person. To control you anger in front of him/her, just close your eyes and either count from reverse ten to one or just take deep breaths. The latter technique will also help you reduce tension you may feel while going for an interview or the uneasiness you may feel minutes before you address an audience.

2) Sleep well, feel well:- This also may sound weird, but before scorning at this point just remember that most of the people with health problems like hypertension, heart attack, vertebral disc slip , etc, are found to have less than six hours' sleep a day. Most of the coolest and successful guys I have met in my life are big "sleeping" maniacs but I would suggest you only an average of six hours sleep because sleeping too much can make you lazy.

3) Practice yoga:- Yoga is a remedy to most of the physical problems and mental stress that you may be undergoing.

Following these instructions will help you get rid of bad temper and tensions. Try these and you will find yourself to win hearts of many in the days to come.

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