Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Use of Cough medicines takes away the lives of 5 kids

A sad and shocking announcement made by The Belgian Pharmaceutical Group UCB SA on March 7 2008, has aroused a huge storm among people. As per them their popular cough medicine by the name of Tussionex has taken the lives of 5 kids who were suffering from rigorous cough due to off beam use.

This pharmaceutical group has also put forward an admonition among all doctors and medical practitioners to examine their patients thoroughly before prescribing this drug. Eric Miller who is the UCB SA presenter told the media that the cough medicine Tussionex Pennkinetic Extended-Release Suspension is a much stronger drug in nature. It is mainly meant to be use for the adult person and for the children of the age of 6 years or older than that. So it can well be understood why it took away the lives of those innocent kids.

Miller also stressed on the point that the company has got the Tussionex manufacturing authorization since 1987. Authoritarian experiments under all circumstances and studies have been carried out extensively before launching the drug in the market. So as per him the company from now onwards shall issue this important warning of use of the drug in prominent words. It will be furnishing a complete account to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA so that further actions to be undertaken. As per Miller steps are now being put to action to request FDA to renew the label on Tussionex pack so that the doctors and even the patients are informed about the precautions.

Miller also reviewed the importance of Tussionex as a beneficial and safe cough medicine to be used for patients for the patients of ages marked on its label. The drug is also much effectual to revive patients out of pain as it contains the tranquilizer called hydrocodone. The FDA informed people to stick to the doses and usage conditions of Tussionex as instructed by the doctors. No such self usage attempts should be made to use the drug without a doctor’s authenticated prescription otherwise disasters are inevitable.

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