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Viral Fever Symptoms

viral fever symptoms
Viral Fever Symptoms and Treatment

Viral fevers are seen all over the world, and viral fever symptoms can affect all age groups from the smallest infant to the elderly. A small number of viral fever cases are deadly, but most of the time viral fever is not serious and it will go away on its own or with home care and over-the-counter treatment of the worst symptoms. Viral fevers can be highly contagious, however, so they have a tendency to spread very quickly.
In general, a viral fever is an infection in the body that is caused by a virus. This type of infection leads to a spike in body temperature once it has manifested itself in the body. Viral fever is unique in that it is most often treated and overcome without the true virus that caused the problem ever being determined.

Symptoms of Viral Fever
Treatment of viral fevers is usually symptomatic, or based on the various and separate viral fever symptoms. The most obvious viral fever symptom is the fever, of course, and it can be a low-grade fever (99 to 100 degrees) or a very high fever (102 degrees or more). Sometimes the fever will even come and go. Other viral fever symptoms include the following:
> coughing
> eye redness or irritation
> headache
> muscle aches, joint pain and general body ache
> nasal congestion
> runny nose
> severe and ongoing fatigue
> sore throat and swollen glands

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