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Problem with kidney stones-Best food to eat

What are causes for kidney problems ?

Kidney stones (Renal Calculi) are common cause of
blood in the urine.A kidney stone is a hard ,crystalline mineral material
formed with in the kidney or urinary tract.
Lack of enough water is the main cause of kidney stones.Kidney stones are normally observed in people who drink less water.Kidney stones can be observed in men and women.Most commonly between the ages 30 and 50.Family history is also one of the common cause.Certain medications will also leads to kidney stones.
People who take antacids and thus after the PH of the urine are also at higher risk of getting kidney stones since altering the PH of urine causes precipitation of the minerals.

Symptoms of Kidney stones.
* Sever pain in lower abdomen area.
* Some times lower back pain.
* Pain in the flanks.
* Some times blood in the urine.
* Vomiting sensation.
* Fever accomplished with chills is most probably because of Kidney stones.

Home remedies for Kidney stones

Drink more water
As we have discussed earlier lack of drinking enough water is one of the major cause for kidney stones,drink more water through out the day.

Coconut water
Drink coconut water regularly.It will help to break the stones and make them pass out.

Avoid oily food
Avoid oily ,fried ,Protein rich food.
Avoid Milk Products

Avoid excess milk and milk related products.As milk products are rich in protein they may be the cause for kidney stones.

Take vitamin A food rich

Vitamin A helps to strengthen urinary system and helps to prevent formation of kidney stones.
Eat Fruits

Fruits like Apple and Water melon are beneficial for kidney stones.

Make a soup with one cup of pomegranate seeds and 2 cups of horse gram and drink it.

Orange Juice is also helpful in treating the disease of kidney stones.

Avoid Alcohol and carbonated beverages.

Take Tomato juice in the morning.

Take Lady fingers and Radish.They are very much helpful in curing the problem.

Limit your sodium(Salt) consumption.There is correlation between sodium consumption and salt intake.

Avoid oxalate rich food.Example:Beans ,Chocolate ,Green peppers,Spinach.

Regular intake of Celery will prevent kidney stones.

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