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Homeopathy and Cancer

Homeopathy and Cancer
What does homeopathy specifically offer the cancer patient? There are several ways homeopathy can help cancer patients. First, there are specific remedies for various cancers. These remedies may be used whether a person has conventional treatment or not. A number of remedies can make conventional treatment easier for the cancer patient. Finally, homeopathic remedies can help with terminal pain and with the fear of dying.

Let us begin with helping a cancer patient through conventional cancer therapies. One remedy which may be used during cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy is cadmium sulph. This remedy has a number of uses but one of its main uses is for severe projectile vomiting. Thus this remedy can be taken before any cancer treatment which causes vomiting. This remedy is also an antidote to radiation sickness. A 30C dose of this remedy before and after treatment will ease any possible vomiting.

Homeopathy was developed at a time when conventional medicine had little to offer the cancer patient. Later there was cancer surgery, but the surgery and the diagnostic testing underlying the surgery were not as sophisticated as that of today. Homeopathic physicians found that there were remedies for cancer. Although it may seem that the more advanced the cancer, the less likely homeopathy would be to help but this was not always true. The successful use of homeopathic remedies depends on being able to identify characteristic symptoms which lead to specific remedies. Sometimes the more severe the cancer the easier it is to find the symptoms and the appropriate remedy.

Cancer from a homeopathic perspective must be seen as a disease and as a disturbance of the vital force and that something must have disturbed the vital force to lead to cancer. Homeopaths would thus often search for a cause in trying to find the appropriate remedy. For example physical trauma to the breast leading to cancer, also points to a specific remedy. Another cause would be a miasm, an underlying predisposition to illness.

The problem is that for someone choosing surgery over homeopathic treatment is that the disease, the disturbance of the vital force, does not go away because the cancer is cut out. The cancer can recur elsewhere and can be more malignant when it does. This is not really explainable under current understanding of cancer. For example if a woman has had cancer in one breast, why should cancer then appear in the other breast, which unfortunately happens all too frequently. The academic model that cancer arises because of hits to DNA, the genes, which somehow results in cancer, means that cancer has a certain probability of affecting a certain tissue, such as the breast, but why once the cancer is removed surgically, that cancer should show up in the other breast has no obvious explanation if everything is random hits to the genes, to DNA.
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